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Alkazone® water ionizers are not ordinary water purifiers. They are devices that transform ordinary tap water into healthy, living water with vitality similar to glacier water from the high mountains (antioxidant water).

Under the company motto “Better Health, Better Life”, our dedicated research team has devoted itself to promoting health for all of humanity. Better Health Lab, Inc. has invested in superior technology around the globe to bring you the Alkazone® water ionizer, the most innovative antioxidant water fountain in the world.

Alkazone® water ionizers are proudly made in the USA, and have been for over 15 years!

Top of the line BHL Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer

Comprehensive 6 multi-level filtration system. Ion purity ensures through complete sealing to prevent alkaline and acidic waters from mixing.


  • Built-in water pressure knob
  • Under-sink valve connection for visually cleaner installation
  • One-touch automatic system
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • User-friendly design
  • 7 user-selectable pH levels
  • Spoken messaging
  • 6 step purification structure
  • Water Pressure Indicator Light
  • Accurate filter replacement indicator
  • Accurate pH density control through self-diagnosis
  • Adopted platinum titanium electrode
  • Optional filters to adapt ionizer to specific water source
The old saw still says it best: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our Alkazone® AlkalineBooster turns regular, lifeless water into antioxidant alkaline water high in pH and full of essential minerals that the body needs to buffer excess acidity from metabolism of food. You’ll feel the difference!
  • Model: BHL-4200
  • Rated voltage: AC 120V / 60hz
  • Water supply: Tap water
  • Dimension: 13.8” (W) X 14.2” (H) X 5.9” (D)
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Water Pressure: 10 ~ 85 PSI
  • Water temperature range: 41 – 95 degree Fahrenheit
  • Overheating protection: Two built in temperature sensors (automatic reset type)
  • Type: Serial electrolysis
  • Capacity: 3/4 gallons/min (at 28 PSI)
  • Cleansing Type: Automatic
  • Electrode: Platinum titanium electrode
  • Filter replacement: Cartridge type (2 Stages)
  • Filter life: primary: 4 months, Secondary: 6 months (based on 5 Gallons/day)
  • Filter Life Display: LED number display
  • Filter material: Non woven, pp filter, granular activated carbon, silver impregnated activated carbon, calcium, textile filter. Hollow fiber membrane filter(optional).
  • BHL-4201
  • BHL-4202
  • BHL-4203 Hollow Fiber Filter 0.1 Micron filter (optional)
  • BHL-4204 Mineral Water Filter (optional. Recommended for wells, reverse osmosis or places where source water does not have enough minerals to produce alkaline water)

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