Bottled Water

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Bottled water

Not all waters are created equal. ALKAZONE® Antioxidant Water is ultra-purified water enhanced with essential electrolytes that is crisp, clean and smooth to the taste.
  • ±9.5 pH alkalinity—assists in neutralizing toxic acidic wastes
  • Antioxidants—Selenium, a natural antioxidant found in blueberries, slows oxidation, aging and protects against free radicals which are harmful to the human body
  • Electrolyte enhanced – for optimal hydration and endurance
  • No synthetic additives, Sodium Free
  • Potassium Enriched – which helps to regulate blood pressure, fluid levels and cognitive function

Available Alkazone Bottled Water Packages

  • 23.7 oz 24 Pack
  • 23.7 oz 12 Pack
  • 12 oz 24 Pack


Bottled Water